Mt.Baker Moonshine 50% abv / 100 proof

Our Moonshiner Corn Whiskey is a traditional, unaged American spirit made from local, organic, GMO-free corn mash. A memorable sweet and lush whiskey with corn flavors and a "white lightning" kick!
Mt.Baker Apple Pie Moonshine 30% abv / 60 proof

The Northwest version of a Southern favorite, MBD Apple Pie is a blend of our corn spirits, apple juice & cider, brown sugar local honey, and cinnamon.  Popular for its unique and tasty drinkability. Great served hot or cold, by itself or mixed.
Mt.Baker Raspberry Moonshine 30% abv / 60 proof

An unforgettable infusion of Whatcom County raspberries and our MBD corn spirits creates this fragrant, beautiful alcoholic beverage. Smooth but firm. Perfect straight or on the rocks.
Mount Baker Vodka  40% abv / 80 proof

A corn based spirit that is smooth and crisp. It is delicious chilled and sipped neat, served on the rocks, or mixed in your favorite cocktail.
Mount Baker Gin 40% abv / 80 proof

Infused and distilled with a combination of juniper berries, local fir, and other botanicals.  Mount Baker Gin is slightly off dry, soft, and flavorful. Drink neat or with your favorite drink.
BAKER BLACK  30% abv / 60 proof

Our Coffee Liqueur is finally here! Currently only
available in the distillery tasting room. Another 
excuse to visit!