What's New at Mount Baker Distillery?
 What's New?

What's New at Mount Baker Distillery?

Baker Black and Tony's Coffee

by Zach Smith on 08/10/17

Mount Baker Distillery's newest product Baker Black combines our neutral grain spirits with the fresh grounds of local establishment Tony's Coffee, creating a strong, dark, coffee liquor.

Made for coffee purists, Baker Black is different from other coffee-based liquors in how it promotes the natural taste of coffee first and foremost. Rather than rely on sweeteners and sugary additives, Baker Black keeps it simple by infusing the flavor of fresh grounds into every bottle. Currently, Baker Black can only be purchased on-site at our home base in the Haskell Business Center, so if you have an interest in it or any of our other products, be sure to stop on by!

If you're also interested in other products that Tony's Coffee offers, you can visit their website at www.tonyscoffee.com

Mount Baker Distillery Gin

by Zach Smith on 07/17/17

One of our more exotic offerings at Mount Baker Distillery is our Gin, sold in the same locations as our other popular drinks and made with our neutral-grain spirits. 

The process of how we make our gin is quite similar to how other gins are produced. It begins the same way all our products begin: storing, stirring, fermenting, and distilling into a drinkable spirit. From there, we take our alcohol and infuse it with various botanicals, primarily consisting of juniper berries but also containing angelica root, cardamom, coriander, lavender, lemon peel, licorice root, orris root, star anise and local spruce. The eclectic mixing of ingredients create a "New American" style of gin that has more flavor yet is softer than a traditional London Dry gin. Our gin can be used for mixing with tonic or for drinking it neat on the rocks. Try it out!

Barbie's Berries

by Zach Smith on 06/29/17

Mount Baker Distillery has always been about supporting local companies, extending to how we use local goods in our products. Our berry-based drinks are no exception, as the berries used in them all come from Barbie's Berries in Ferndale, Washington.

Barbie's Berries is a local farm that has been in business in Whatcom County for over 20 years. The farm specializes in strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries, the latter three of which are used in MBD drinks.

The picking period at the farm lasts all summer long, beginning with the strawberry crop in early June and ending on Labor Day weekend. Because of the temperate climate in the Pacific Northwest, the berries thrive in the perfect conditions, leading to delicious berries that can be used in many different ways...including Mount Baker Distillery drinks!