What's New at Mount Baker Distillery?
 What's New?

What's New at Mount Baker Distillery?

Pumpkin Spice Moonshine is Back!

by Zach Smith on 10/04/17

Once again, our seasonal favorite Pumpkin Spice Moonshine is back at Mount Baker Distillery! For the past five years this familiar blend has been a recurring favorite among regulars to the shop as one of our specialty items.

We start off by roasting whole pumpkin at home in our own kitchen, making the entire house smell like autumn. We then add traditional pumpkin spices along with the roasted pumpkin to our Moonshine to further enhance the flavor and better highlight the aromatics of the drink. The whole concoction soaks for an entire month in the build up to October. At the end of September, the pumpkin pieces are strained out of the liquid, leaving its entire flavor infused within the moonshine. This drink is only available for the month of October, so you have right up until Halloween to purchase one for yourself. Available only at our home location in the Haskell Business Center!

Celebrating our Apple Pie Moonshine

by Zach Smith on 09/28/17

With autumn now in full swing, there is no better time than now to purchase a bottle of MBD’S Apple Pie Moonshine.

Our Apple Pie Moonshine has been around for a long time now, serving as the first brand new variety offered by the distillers after the initial rollout of the flagship Moonshine and Vodka varieties. It comes with all the familiar flavors of apple pie that make it an American classic: apple juice, apple cider, brown sugar, local honey, and a cinnamon stick in every bottle. While our other fruit flavors like Raspberry and Blackberry are tasty in their own right, there’s just something right about the warming sensation of apples on a crisp autumn evening, which explains why the drink has been one of our best-sellers since its introduction. Stop by at any of our locations or our home base at the Haskell Business Center to purchase one for yourself!

Happy Birthday Abe!

by Zach Smith on 09/14/17

This week, Mount Baker Distillery celebrates the founder and originator of the family moonshine business Abraham "Abe" Smith. 

Born on September 12th, 1842, Abe grew up in Ohio on his family farm. At the age of 20 he enlisted for the Civil War on the behalf of the Union, fighting until the end of the war primarily in Tennessee and Georgia. Abe served as colonel for the Company G 10th regiment of the Ohio Voluntary Infantry. He suffered a variety of ailments during his stay, including typhoid, measles, and deafness from cannon-fire.

Once the war ended, Abe relocated to Portland, Oregon where he settled down and became an ordained minister. Abe died at the age of 70, a long lifespan for people at the time. His lineage has continued for 5 generations to this day, where his memory is preserved on the face of every Mount Baker Moonshine bottle label.