What's New at Mount Baker Distillery?
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What's New at Mount Baker Distillery?

MBD and Growing Washington

by Zach Smith on 06/20/17

For the past four years, Mount Baker Distillery has been proud supporters of the Growing Washington farming organization, serving as a dropoff point for produce for each of those years.

The Growing Washington initiative is a program founded and ran by Washington farmers with the intended goal of bringing fresh produce to local doorsteps. The produce on offer varies significantly, from fragrant herbs to nutritious vegetables to plump berries, and so on and so forth. Picking out a box is as easy as signing up for the program on the website, and subscribers to the Local Choice Food Box have the capability to hand-pick exactly what they want to arrive each week. It is a fantastic way to better involve oneself with the community and experience what it is that our farmers work to produce every day of the year.

For more information, visit https://www.growingwashington.org/.

The Whiskey Process - Step 5: Bottling

by Zach Smith on 06/14/17

After all the product is made and collected, there is just one step left needed to be done to bring our alcohol to you: the bottling.

Using our bottler, our alcohol is carefully measured out to the proper amount and is pumped into our bottles. Each bottle takes 24.5 seconds to fill, so a full case can take quite a while. After the alcohol is pumped in, the bottles are capped, labeled, and sealed tight with plastic. All of these steps are hand-made and done in-house, rather than using a fancy machine to label them. The final touch involves our bottling person signing their name on the back of the bottle, ensuring that each is given one last personal touch. At this point, our bottles go into storage, waiting to either be used in our tasting room at home or be shipped out to the multiple local stores housing our goods.

The "Whiskey" Process - Step 4: Other Spirits

by Zach Smith on 06/07/17

Up until now, the process of distilling that has been described has represented the initial steps for almost every drink sold at Mount Baker Distillery. But what else is done in order to make our distinct Mount Baker Vodka? It’s actually quite simple.

To produce Mount Baker Vodka, the previously-distilled natural grain spirits used for our Moonshine are put back into the still and reheated up again, with the intent to create a purer alcohol content. The chemistry behind how vodka is made is identical to how it is for whiskey; at higher temperatures, alcohol evaporates faster than water, causing it to travel up the copper tubing and recondensing back into liquid at higher and higher proofs. Once the liquid has reached a proper alcohol content, it is then transported into our “Wright” carbon filter, named after the designer, where any remaining impurities are gradually filtered out.